Windows 11 screenshots leaked
On June 15, users from China and Germany posted screenshots of Microsoft's new OS, Windows 11 Pro.

Version of Windows 11 Pro Dev.


Default installed programs in Windows 11

Nils Ahrensmeier, an IT researcher, writes that he recently had downloaded the ISO image of the new OS and already installed it (21996.1.210529-1541.co_release_CLIENT_CONSUMER_x64FRE_en-us.iso -pre-release build of Windows 11 build 21996.1).


The Windows 11 desktop.

App launcher icons in Windows 11 are now located in the center of the taskbar with a new Start button and settings menu. The Start menu is a simplified version of the menu that currently exists in Windows 10, but without live tiles. There are pinned apps, as well as the ability to quickly turn off or restart Windows 11 devices.

Ahrensmeier explains that the Windows 11 image had appeared on several forums on the web. The interface of Windows 11 looks similar to Windows 10's, but with elements of Windows 10X. Moreover, in his opinion, the leaked build is incomplete, and many new features that are available in Windows 10 are missing.

Windows 11: first impression of the new operating system, customizing interface elements.


Distributing content to neighboring devices.


Using the clipboard on different devices.


The control panel.


Every design element has rounded corners.


The new "old" installer.


New explorer icons.


New search.


New menu.


Windows 11 dashboard and widgets.

There are 18 new desktop wallpapers in the Windows 11 build. You can download them now.

Instructions on how to restore the old Start menu in Windows 11: create a new parameter in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AdvancedStart_ShowClassicMode\ Start_ShowClassicMode — DWORD (32-bit) with the value "1" and restart your PC.

Microsoft recently announced the end of support for Windows 10 Home and Pro. This will happen on October 14, 2025. After this date, the company will not release security updates, patches with past bug fixes, and will stop optimizing the Windows 10 Home and Pro OS, including the Pro Education and Pro for Workstations versions.

At its conference on June 24, 2021, Microsoft promised to introduce "Next-generation Windows." The developers announced significant changes to the user interface and the redesigned Windows Store.