Nur-Sultan school introduces face recognition system. Kazakhstan's homegrown innovation detects facemask presence and measures temperature.

The official website of Nur-Sultan reports that on April 27, a school in the capital launched a facial recognition system that instantly measures body temperature and detects the presence of a facemask. In addition, "Clockster", a Kazakhstan-based IT company's innovation, is able to restrict access to the school to persons unregistered in the database, as well as track the duration of stay and record the time of attendance of the students, teachers and all employees. Under a pilot project, this system was launched in the capital's school No. 59. It allows schools to solve several tasks at once: provide security and access control.

"Ensuring the safety of children is a priority task. Access cards may get lost or fall into the wrong hands. Another special feature is that Clockster system notifies about child's attendance instantly to the school management and the student's parents. Clockster and users themselves, who are owners of the private data, are responsible for the data safety." said Mr. Adilet Nurgozhin, "AstanaInnovations" JSC Chairman.