IBM unveils its first quantum computer outside the US

The American company IBM has launched a quantum computer – Quantum System One, in Germany. This is the first quantum computer introduced by IBM outside of the United States and the most powerful commercial quantum computer in Europe.

Quantum System One with a 37-qubit processor was launched at the company's data center in Eningen. The German Fraunhofer Research Institute will operate it.

Last month, the German government announced that it plans to invest about 2 billion euros (US $2.4 billion) in quantum technology research by 2025. The Fraunhofer Institute plans to use the quantum computer in conjunction with commercial German companies and other research organizations. The institute hopes to improve its understanding of quantum computing and start experimenting with the practical use of the device. The project, funded by German taxpayers, will cost around 40 million euros over the next four years.

Martin Jetter, Chairman of IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa, said that the company is already working on creating a stable quantum computer four times more powerful than the one launched in Eningen. Its development should be completed by 2023. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the computer a "miracle of technology" and noted that its launch could play a "key role" in the country's efforts for technological and digital sovereignty and economic growth.

According to the Chancellor, this is the technology of the future, the nation hopes to achieve a breakthrough in medicine and revolutionize materials research with its assistance, because quantum computers are capable of performing complex calculations. Chancellor Merkel also said that the German government intends to produce its own prototype of a quantum computer within two years.