The issues of using artificial intelligence in urban environment management were discussed at the international forum Smart City Expo World Congress 2021

The Fund for Supporting Research and Development of Artificial Intelligence (the Fund) focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in creating a favorable, safe and comfortable urban environment.


AI empowers the Smart City initiative to improve the efficiency of urban resource management and develop infrastructure through innovative solutions.

To empower cities and urban innovations around the world, the Fund participated in the 3-day international forum Smart City Expo World Congress 2021 from November 16 in Barcelona (Spain). The aim of the event is to create a better future for cities and their residents using digital technologies.

During the event a special role was given to the use of AI. The provision of services by social services enables the creation of Smart Cities by integrating AI and the Internet of Things into their services.

The site was full of participants' projects, mainly from the regional cities of Spain and Germany. Due to the pandemic, the Congress started working offline for the first time, as a result of which it was significantly noticeable how the participants over the years have strengthened infrastructure in terms of implementing smart city projects at the local level, said Bauyrzan Bekov, Chairman of the Board.

The management of the Fund held negotiations with companies interested in the implementation of joint projects in Kazakhstan.

The event has become an annual meeting place for corporate leaders, public representatives, entrepreneurs, experts and scientists from around the world to exchange experiences and collaborate.

The exhibitors included companies in the fields of transport, energy, environmental protection, and recycling.