A drone created in Kazakhstan is preparing to break a world record

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of flying using the energy of the sun, developed at Satbayev University by Alexei Oksenenko chief designer. The press service of the university reported that during the tests, the flight time of the device without landing was recorded - 10 hours and 17 seconds. The existing world record in this class of UAVs is 10 hours 23 minutes.

Solar powered aircraft were created by aviation industry leaders such as Airbus to showcase high technology and promote alternative energy. The cost of such projects is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

A compact aircraft (flying wing) Satbayev University with a span of just over 2 meters and a takeoff weight of up to 4 kg is capable of carrying a commercial payload of up to 500 grams and accommodating all the necessary avionics for automatic flight and receiving video and telemetry in real time, reported in the University.

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