Botto, an artificial intelligence artist, makes its first million on the sale of artworks at auction

An Artificial Intelligence called Botto has earned US1.3 million at auction for its first six NFT artworks. 

Botto analyzes a huge number of works ever created by man and forms his own image. Where a human artist needs a few days or months to paint, the AI creates 

Botto generates a random string of words and sentences during the creation of an artwork, which is transmitted to the VQGAN (Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network) neural network. VQGAN generates an image based on a string, using its training algorithms and a database of famous artworks. After that, the CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training) algorithm determines how close this result is to representing the initial string of words, and gets VQGAN to adjust its parameters until the image passes the control. After creating the final image, CLIP chooses a title for it.

Botto uses GPT-3, a natural language generator from OpenAI to describe images. It generates 5-10 different pieces of abstract poetry. Then the development team picks the most suitable one. Botto creates over 300 images every day, the most successful of which are voted on by the public. The winner among the images gets the right to participate in the auction and replenish the collection of special art connoisseurs.