Ameca humanoid robot surprised with truly lively facial expressions

UK robotics firm Engineered Arts has offered to take a look at its new humanoid robot ahead of its full presentation next year. The first show is capable of evoking the most ambiguous emotions.

Ameca is presented as "the world's most advanced human-shaped robot," and a brief look at this "future of robotics" suggests that it might justify this claim.

Engineering Arts is building Ameca to offer a platform for future robotic technologies to advance human-like artificial intelligence.

The robot's hardware and software are modular so manufacturers can work with a specific part of it, for example, with just a head, or an arm, which makes development more flexible.

Part of the package is human-like facial expressions that the firm hopes will enable Ameca to quickly build rapport with anyone, bridging the gap between humans and the digital world. The robot resembles Sophia, the first humanoid robot to be granted Saudi Arabian citizenship in 2017.

The videos offering a first look at Ameca show how the robot wakes up, relaxes its joints and looks in amazement at the world around it. The facial expressions and gestures are incredibly natural and, at first glance, seem more realistic than Sofia's.

Engineered Arts showcases the Ameca robot at CES in Las Vegas in January.